Monday, March 19, 2012

Walking Dead Season 2 Finale

Wow. That was a good episode. I totally thought Hershel was gonna get killed though. And at the end, they're getting close to finding the prison! Who called it?! Me. I thought they would find it, and it looks like I was right. And I don't remember if I mentioned it before, and I'm too lazy to go check, but I had a feeling Michone was coming. But if you didn't read the comic books, that was kind of a big cliffhanger: who is the mysterious hooded, katana-wielding stranger that just saved Andrea? Also, is it just me, or did her sword remind you a little of the one from the Blade movies? Now I really want to see the next season, since there's so much potential and so many ways they could go from here. I doubt it will, but it had better start relatively soon. Especially since part of my speculations proved true, so I'm curious how good my predictions were. With Michone and the prison in place, it's all set up for the Governor story segment. But probably the rebellion with those prisoners they find will happen first. But wait a second - they're looking for a place to live, they don't have a lot of food or gasoline, and they're stranded of the road. Doesn't that seem like a good time for Tyreese to come into the picture? He was an important character, so I don't see why they shouldn't bring him in. And now the big question is: what am I supposed to do on Sunday nights?

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