Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sherlock Holmes

There are a bunch of skills and sets of skills I want, including basically everything Sherlock Holmes does. I like his ability to figure stuff out from little details, invent stuff and also in the Robert Downey Jr. movies, his ability to stylishly plan out a fight before it starts. He has a lot of fighting skills and in his universe, he's probably the world's greatest detective. Wait! I think I've stumbled onto something.

 Sherlock Holmes is like a costumeless version of Batman! Huh. ......... I honestly did not realize that for a long time. And wait a second again - in the first movie, his romantic interest was an infamous thief who eventually helps him - remind you of anything? And I know that what I'm about to point out doesn't matter, and that you probably couldn't care less, but the dashes at the beginning and the end of that thought are perfectly vertically aligned. I did not plan that; it just happened. I'm good. Now I realize that I probably just gave that too much attention, but in the interest of honesty, I will not hide my willingness to dwell on little things like that. Wow. That's like 4.5 lines of pointless rambling. Back to my secondary point (because my primary point was that I want Sherlock Holmes skills, which are also Batman skills, and I've said all I need to say about that, so now I will go to my next point). That time I did plan it, and I will say right now, it was not easy. I just spent a while messing with phrases to make that work. If you don't know what I'm talking about, look closely at the phrase in parentheses and think back to my previous irrelevant diversion. Bam. That. Just. Happened. My apologies; I just lied about getting to the secondary point, but now I will. Batman has Robin and Alfred, and Holmes has Watson, who is similar in a way to both of them, since he's a doctor and kind of a sidekick. Obviously, Batman is not accompanied by Dr. Pennyworth, but Alfred does have training in combat medicine, so that's close enough for me to point out the similarity. There's also the fact that they each work closely with a specific cop: Gordon and Lestrade (Is that how you spell it? I really don't remember). That's all I can think of for parallels, but there are probably more. Ok, wow. I just looked at this post from the blog page itself and the dashes and parentheses don't even line up. On the page where I actually write these posts, the first dash is directly above the second one, and the same is true of the parentheses. So sorry for all the inapplicable statements, but I'm gonna leave them in anyway. This post will end abruptly.

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