Saturday, March 31, 2012


I need guns. Lots of guns. Well, I probably don't to be honest, but I love saying that. It's one of my favorite Matrix quotes. But as useful as regular guns are, I need (in this case need means want, but it sound less greedy if I say I need it) something special. You may be surprised that I'm not talking about ray guns, or any other kind of energy weapon. I want ("need") guns that somehow don't run out of bullets. I'm open to pretty much any option for how to make that happen. The second Crimson Avenger (pictured at the bottom) has cursed guns that just magically never need to be reloaded, so something like that would be pretty nice. Also, Jackie Estacado from The Darkness has the ability to do what's called gun channeling, which channels his dark energy as darkness bullet things through his guns. The problem with that is that he can only do it for a limited time, and can't do it again until the cool down time has elapsed. If I had to deal with that and/or be the Darkness host, then I would prefer the Crimson Avenger style, but if not, I would choose something along the lines of gun channeling, since dark energy bullets are more powerful than metal ones, plus Jackie is evantually able to see and shoot through walls, so I'll assume that applies here. Another option is something like in the movie Ultraviolet. It isn't the best movie I've ever seen, but the characters have what's called flat space technology, so basically they can store whatever they want in 2D space and call it to them with a little portal looking thing. So the main character, Violet, has guns that are open where a clip would normally go, and bracelets with flat space storage capacity, so there's a stream of bullets flying into her guns. The only problem with that is that the bullets are still limited, even though you can have a crazy amount of them stored so they seem infinite. So I would like that just for general use, since you can also use it for swords and pretty much anything else, but it wouldn't be my first choice for bullets. As for what kind of guns I want, I'm thinking a pair of automatic pistols or small SMGs should do it. Their appearance should be something like that big pistol/small machine gun Blade uses in the first movie. And these last three things aren't necessary, but I'd really like them to have built-in laser sights and silencers that can be turned on and off without removing them, and retractable bayonets.

"2 please!"

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