Thursday, March 29, 2012

Motorcycles and Stuff

A supernatural or futuristic motorcycle or something like that would definitely be one of the cooler vehicles, for sure something I want. If you're familiar with the Wraith, who first appeared during Marvel's Annihilation: Conquest series, think of his vehicle, and try saying with a straight face that you don't want one! If not, it's like a big motorcycle with laser guns on the front and a huge rocket engine in the back. Hopefully his morphing weapon would be included with his vehicle. Unfortunately, I haven't read Annihilation Conquest in a while, so I don't know what it's called; I just know that it can be a gun, a sword, a whip/tentacle, and probably some other stuff too. And it doesn't have wheels, so it's not exactly like a motorcycle, but close enough to mention. I also would want something like Lobo's bike, which doesn't have wheels either. But it does have a big skull from some kind of space creature on it, and besides the lack of wheels, it looks a lot more like a motorcycle, plus I know for a fact that the engine is pretty powerful and you can tow things behind it without incinerating them with an enormous afterburner like the Wraith's. Well, I've actually seen his bike with big afterburners sometimes, so I take that back. But of course, the big downside of Lobo's bike is that it doesn't have guns. An actual bike with wheels and everything that would be awesome to ride is Ghost Rider's famous Flame Bike. The wheels made of fire alone make it worth having, not to mention all the cool powers it has. If you're a Ghost Rider fan, you probably already know that besides being indestructible and insanely fast, you can drive it on anything, including vertical surfaces, upside down, or even on water! And if it comes with a chain whip, well, that just seals the deal. But how could I not mention the Batcycles? Especially the batpod from the Dark Knight. Between the guns and the cable launcher things and the way it can stretch out and get all low, and that thing it does where the front wheel goes up a wall, then it spins around and goes back down (and I realize how little sense those last two things make if you haven't seen TDK, but if you're reading a blog like this, I assume you have, and if not, go watch it.), it's just plain awesome. And while speeders from Star Wars probably don't count, I still want one and think they're worth bringing up. And if you're wondering, I think the Imperial ones from Return of the Jedi that they used on Endor were the coolest ones, but STAPs are pretty cool too. And this one is probably really obvious, but it would be great to have a motorcycle that was secretly an Autobot.


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