Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Marvel Lanterns

In Blackest Night, each lantern corps temporarily recruited a hero or villain of Earth, so I sometimes think about what Marvel character would be recruited into each corps, and this is what I've come up with so far. Red is definitely the easiest choice: the Hulk. Think about it: he changes from Bruce to Hulk when he gets really mad, he's relatively mindless in his Hulk form, yeah that's about it, but isn't that enough? I'm thinking the Collector for orange, since his only power is his immense collection of stuff and always being able to find whatever he needs in his collection. Also, all his schemes and plots are to get more stuff, so he would be a great avatar of avarice. Sinestro Corps would probably choose Marvel's Scarecrow. I like Jonathan Crane more, but this Scarecrow does have the ability to instill great fear.  And being called Scarecrow automatically gives him an edge. For green, I can't quite decide between Daredevil and Captain America, since they're both known for having a lot of willpower. I'm leaning toward Cap though, since he's more known than Daredevil for having the ability to overcome great fear. Spider - Man would be a good Blue Lantern since he's always optimistic and hopeful, but I haven't come up with any good ideas for Star Saphire or Indigo Tribe recruits.

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