Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I'd really like an enchanted, or just really powerful sword. Maybe this could be my portal sword that I described previously, or maybe just a sepparate one. And actually, I think I'd like more than one. My favorite style of sword is probably the katana, but I like pretty much all swords, especially the ones from Japan. Maybe a pair of katanas and/or wakizashis, but with just two, I would wear the sheaths on my back, but parallel over one shoulder, or I suppose if I was using four, I could have two over each shoulder. Though I also like Chinese hook swords. Kabal's are pretty cool, and in movies they're generally cool. But if I'm gonna mention Mortal Kombat, I need to bring up Kunai knives. Out of all the kombatants, Scorpion definitely has one of, if not the coolest weapon. Using a Kunai knife as a harpoon and yelling "Get over here!" is for sure something I would do as a warrior or ninja or something. But back to swords, I also like shirasayas since when sheathed, they can often look like a simple cane or staff, but then you unsheathe it and start being all awesome. The classic medieval swords are also pretty awesome, but with those I would probably use just the smaller one-handed ones since the big claymores could get pretty heavy. That's actually true just in gereral, and also, I would try to keep at least one hand free for either a second weapon, a shield, grabbing stuff, etc. The only exceptions to that are probably a batleth or a naginata. Scimitars are kind of in the middle, and I'm not too crazy about cutlasses and that style of blade, but I definately wouldn't decline one if it was offered. And I'm embarassed to say that I'm blanking on the name of the second one down in the picture, but I would probably use two of those, and since they have open loop pommels like Kunai knives, I would probably attach ropes or chains to them if I had the chance.


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