Wednesday, May 2, 2012


First of all, sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've just been really busy with stuff. But anyway, there are a few different types of masks I would wear if I had a costumed identity. I'm thinking maybe a pseudoderm mask like the Question's. It looks like skin, so the wearer looks like he doesn't have a face, which would be cool. But I feel kinda bad about the Question. I never really payed any attention to him until they killed him off in 52. Anyway, I've already mentioned Japanese menpo masks and hoods in my last post, so that's still on the table. And of course, a classic cowl. Kind of Batmanesque, but with no ears or anything. Or I could combine these last two. Either cowl and menpo or cowl and hood; all three is just two much for my taste. Another one I like is the Guy Fawkes mask (V For Vendetta). It's a great symbol of freedom and stuff. Or I do like the concept of Rorschach's mask. The moving ink blots make that such a cool mask to have. Looks good with a hat too. Plus you wouldn't get bored looking at it. I've never loved those narrow eye masks though (with exceptions). I don't really know for sure why, but I guess I just think they don't cover enough of the face. A couple exceptions to that are Cyclops if you count his visor, but it's not really the same thing so I don't count it, and the ones like Green Lantern or the Comedian because they're a little bigger and cover more area. Or also when the person's identity has already been revealed to the public and/or the cops. The other mask option is just a regular full face mask like Spider - Man's or someone like that. It's effective, but I feel like it might get a little stuffy in there. I guess it depends on the material. That's all for today.


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