Sunday, April 22, 2012


Ninjas are just plain awesome. In comic books, new movies, old movies, video games, or pretty much anything else they're in. I've recently been watching some old ninja movies, and they are so cool. I recommend Ninja in the Dragon's Den and Ninja: the Final Duel. They're kinda cheesy, but if you like old action movies like that, they're actually pretty good. And the fight scenes are cool too. There are things like a battle fought entirely on stilts, or my favorite, the "water spider assault units". Water spider assault units are ninjas riding what are basically spider-shaped rafts that can somehow fly out of the water. When I was watching that scene, I was laughing and thinking something along the lines of: "Why would ninjas ride those water spider things?! Oh, wait. They can fly. That makes complete sense now (maybe)." And both of those movies have great (because it's bad) dialogue. If you're not sure if this kind of movie sound like something worth watching, the intro from one of them is right here. I'll give you a minute to watch it ..........................................................................

Yeah. You know that was awesome. Being a ninja would be one of the coolest jobs ever. Well, more so in modern times, since before, ninjas were pretty low in the social hierarchy and not treated with a lot of respect. I think if I were to resurrect the ninja in modern life, my version would be pretty loyal to the original, but with a few modern innovations, like maybe some shatterproof eye protection and maybe combine some old and new weapons in order to combine the style of classic ninja weapons with the power of modern ones, like ballistic kunai knives for example. I would use them in the Hanzo Hasashi (Scorpion) style, which involves putting the blade on a rope, using it as a stabby grappling hook and yelling "Get over here!" But I would adapt that style to spring-loaded ballistic knives. Actually, I'm pretty sure Blade has something like that in Blade Trinity, but that's beside the point. Anyway, I would most likely also add a couple elements of Samurai into the mix, partially to be more effective, partially to look cool, and also because I have great respect for the Samurai. I would wear a combination of a ninja suit and Samurai armor. Basically, I'm thinking a black Kevlar ninja outfit, but with some armor plating on it. Also, I would wear a mempo mask (one of the ones with a mouth and teeth on it) and a tight armored helmet (not a Samurai helmet; just a regular one), which would be concealed by a hood. So that would be me as a ninja.

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