Saturday, April 14, 2012

Element Gun

Star-lord's element gun is definitely a weapon I want. If you've read his old stories, you know how cool it is, and if you've read anything with him in it between Annihilation Conquest and the Thanos Imperative, you know how cool he is. Just in case you aren't familiar with his weaponry, I'll explain the element gun. It's pretty much what it sounds like if you think it sounds like a gun that can fire earth, water, air and fire. Actually, if that's what you were guessing from the name, it's exactly what it sounds like. How cool would that be to have?! Even a little flamethrower would be cool, but this also can shoot air or water at a high velocity, or earth that can solidify into stone. Forgive me for the fact that I'm about to sound like a bad infomercial, but: And that's not all! All of these things are condensed into one little pistol! That's right, folks! One pistol that can shoot earth, air, fire and water! Ok, the element gun infomercial is over. But that does give me an interresting idea (I don't know if it's genius, but probably not, so I'm gonna play it safe and not make that claim.): I'd kind of like to see what infomercials for things like this would look like. Things like the element gun, or a power ring, or something like that. I feel like the cosmic overlord type beings that hand these things out would either make really good or really bad commercials for space hero equipment. I don't really know though. And both of the people that read this blog regularly can probably predict what I'm gonna bring up next. If I'm gonna talk about one of Peter Quill's cool things, I might as well talk about it all. So I'll just say that I want pretty much all his stuff, like his awesome helmet, but the gun is at the top of my Star-lord wish list.

Element gun in use
Awesome helmet

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