Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Miming and Sound Effects

When I was recently thinking of weird but cool powers to have, I remembered that I sometimes act out action moves on people I know, so I got the (genius) idea for the following power. When you mime things and make sound effects,  like shooting a gun or swinging a sword/lightsaber, it actually works. So cutting something with an imaginary blade would be possible. For example, I'd like to fire bullets using my hands as guns, but only when I point my hand in the shape of a gun and yell "Bang!" Or for using a lightsaber, to make that distinctive and hard to imitate in writing Gvvvv-Vvvvv-Vvvv sound. Or for Wolverine claws, to do that wrist flick motion he does and imitate that Shhhnk And maybe this could even extend to vehicles, like a car or a bike. I know this might sound a little stupid to some of you compared to some other things I've described, but in terms of just plain weirdness, I think it fits right in. After all, I did write a post about creating trains out of nowhere for transportation and to hit stuff.

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Anonymous said...

It's only weird if by weird you mean totally awesome!