Monday, April 16, 2012

Ancient Greek Stuff

I just realized that the mythological Greek heroes and gods have really cool stuff. For example, take Hercules. He had lion armor, an indestructible club/mace, a bow with arrows that had Hydra poison on them, and probably more stuff that I'm forgetting. Then there's Perseus. He had singed sandals, a sword and shield made by the gods, an invisibility helmet, and Medusa's head. And the gods themselves also have cool powers and stuff. Like chucking lightning bolts at stuff. Or controlling the ocean. That would be so cool! Plus, they can do stuff that seems to defy the laws of physics, like putting wind in a bag, but is somehow possible for them. I think of all the gods' abilities, Poseidon's would probably be the coolest. He's like Namor, Aquaman and Water Wizard all put together and on the universe's most powerful steroids. I also think his trident is cool, but that's a relatively insignificant factor in all of this, since Zeus clearly has the best weaponry with his throwable lightning bolts. If I had to choose a demigod hero item to own, it would probably Perseus' winged sandals, which remind me a little of Namor, but whatever, and the other things I want most are his sword and Hercules' armor and bow. I'm not greedy, so I don't need the shield, club or mace. So to summarize, I want to be Poseidon and have flying sandals, armor made from an enchanted lion's hide, a bow that fires arrows poisoned with Hydra venom, and a sword forged by the gods. And for the sword, think of the way it is in Clash of the Titans (the new movie). It's like a lightsaber, but made of god metal and only works for its owner. Plus, Poseidonness would hopefully include his huge trident, so ....... yeah.

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