Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ghost Rider

If I didn't have to work for Mephisto or Satan, I think I'd like to be a Ghost Rider. What's not awesome about turning into a demonic biker who punishes evildoers? But I'd rather change at will and only when I want than every night. And in a perfect world (yes, in a perfect world, there would be a Ghost Rider), I would be able to use powers of both John(ny) and Dan. Dan's chain whip would be so cool to have, especially with its ability to shoot each link like shurikens, or become rigid like a sword or club. And I know I've already posted about his flame bike and penance stare, so you know my stance on those. What I don't think I said about the bike though, is that I'd hope to be able to create it out of hellfire from my hands. And that's a good segway into John(ny) Blaze's abilities. The penance stare would be cool, and the whole shooting and breathing hellfire is pretty awesome, but his power that I like most is the power to GhostRiderize anything. Guns, clothes, vehicles, anything. I would have so much fun with that, in really weird ways. Like I would demonize everyday things like pens and stuff. And if he does that to a statue, does it become a statue of him, or just a more demonic version of whatever it's of? And what would a Ghost Rider desk look like? I'm really thinking about this now. But anyway, if I could only pick a couple Ghost Rider powers, I would probably choose the chain whip, making a flame bike and doing hellfire stuff. That includes breathing fire in a way that just begs someone to yell "Toasty!"


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