Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weapons I Want (no particular order)

  • Anything used by Science Patrol, GUTS, or Super GUTS
  • Nekron's Black Lantern Scythe
  • A modern type 2 phaser and compression rifle
  • Any weapon from Halo
  • Some weapon(s) used by a god
  • At least 1 Hanzo sword
  • A Power ring (see my power ring post for what color)
  • Various Star Wars weapons including a lightsaber and a laser rifle
  • Everything Azrael used when he was Batman
  • Everything Bruce Wayne uses as Batman
  • the Ebony Blade (the one used by Marvel's 1st and 3rd Black Night)
  • a Laser Cat
  • One of the swords and the big guns used by the old Cylons
  • Surtur's flaming sword and Ymir's ice club

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