Tuesday, January 10, 2012


There are a lot of armies or large groups of people, animals or other things that I want to command. Here are a few of them:
  • the Golden Army from Hellboy
  • a bunch of random other clockwork automatons
  • the scrubbing bubbles from those commercials (they're tiny and move quickly - great scouts)
  • the clone army and / or droid army
  • the League of Assassins (aka the League of Shadows)
  • all the bears in the world
  • some kind of giant bugs
  • the Deathdealers and/or Lycans
  • Shao Khan's Outworld armies
  • a lot of Cylon centurions
  • at least a couple monsters from a Japanese monster movie or show
There are more, but none of them come to mind right now. Also, I want Mr. Clean (not the guy from X-men, I'm talking about the cleaning product mascot ) to be one of my generals. Have you noticed how tough and ready to beat someone up he looks? Just picture him in battle gear! That's just the kind of  intimidating general I need. I also need at least 2 awesome bodyguards, so I'm thinking 2 really tough guys that are skilled with various weapons, and either their names or their aliases could be Jumbo and Garbagio (don't ask me why).

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