Sunday, January 1, 2012

More Robot Arm Ideas

I've been thinking more about cool robotic arms and hands I would want if the need arose, and I have a few new ideas. One of them is to have blobs of the liquid metal from T2 attached to my shoulders so I could have arms, blades, hammers or a bunch of other things, and I could reassemble them if they were severed. Or I could also just get a couple of energy emitters like some Green Lantern amputees did, and have some kind of force field arms. Another idea I had is to have relatively normal robotic arms, but with hands that can turn into other technology like circular saws or a giant drill like a Big Daddy from Bioshock, or some huge guns, kind of like a cross between something from Cybertron (the Transformers' home planet) and something the Lin Kuei (the Mortal Kombat clan that Cyrax and Sektor belong to) would come up with. Or I suppose I could even go all Doctor Octopus and get tentacle arms, but probably just 2, and with big hands like in Spider - Man 2. Plus, while I'm saying what I really want, some retractable blades and palm - mounted particle cannons or something would be nice. Lastly, and this one's pretty crazy, I want arms made primarily of adamantium, with retractable shields that unfold kinda like fans, and are made of a combination of vibranium to absorb impact, and cortosis (did I get that right?) for lightsaber resistance. And if I really want to go all out, which I think I do, I want the hands to be made of enchanted Uru (the metal Thor's hammer is made of), so hopefully they would hit like Mjolnir, and ideally launch like projectiles and return. And while the ability to create and control storms and stuff would be extremely awesome, it's not necessary since I'm not greedy ;)
- Ackbar out.

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THOOOOOG said...

I want a narwhal horn arm that I can control... not a robot though... like an arm tooth coming out of my forehead. I also want it to be retractable... 'cause who in the right mind wants to be goin' 'round wit a narwhal horn?! =)