Saturday, January 28, 2012

More about Werewolves

I've already wrote a post about werewolves, but that was just about being a werewolf in Skyrim. So now I wanted to speak some of my thoughts about werewolves and lycans in general. First, my favorite type is the kind in Underworld since they're not just mindless animals and they can change at will. My first choice of what paranormal or supernatural creature to be would be one of those lycans (hybrid creatures excluded). If the only available kind of lycanthropy available was the more common form that involves changing under the full moon and having no control over your actions, that would be right out and I would probably want to be a daywalker vampire, as they say in the world of Blade. Between regular vampire and lunar werewolf with human inteligence though, I don't know which would be cooler. Depends on the need to feed - hey that rhymes!

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