Sunday, June 3, 2012

If I Were a Vampire

If I were a vampire, I would be a good one. Shortly after turning, I would probably be annoyed about the thirst sunlight thing, but I think I would get over it considering how powerful vampires are. And at first, I would probably try to satisfy myself with animal blood and eat my meat extra rare. This would be good for a while, but I'm guessing I would eventually learn to use my new talents to fight evil. I would spend a lot of time training and practicing my fighting skills, then use them at night to feed on evildoers. And I would also need some kind of really cool and menacing clothes to wear. Well, actually, I suppose that's not necessary, but it would help. I think I would be like a combination of Blade and Morbius. Although if I'm gonna be them, I would have to be a daywalker, which would be really nice. The weakness to UV light is the one thing about vampirism that would really continue to irritate me. I like to go outside on sunny days. I'm often too lazy to do a lot, but I'd rather not give that up. I wonder if  ton of sunblock would do the trick......? Also with the whole immortality thing going, like I said, I would spend a lot of my time practicing and learning martial arts, but I would try to learn other things too. One is that I want to become fluent in a lot of different languages. It would help to blend in around the world. Also, I'd like to join a vampire order. But one that's all good vampires like myself. That would give me some added security and some people to talk with that understand me, plus it would be nice to have some allies in case of a confrontation with Blade, Van Helsing, or anyone like that. I don't think they understand good vampires. I'm pretty sure they just kill all the ones they see. And I don't blame them. That's what I would do as a vampire / monster hunter. .... Genius. Idea. Becone a vampiric monster hunter. Use the powers of vampirism to kill evil vampires, werewolves, demons, and so on. Yes. Ok, that's totally what I would do. Sounds fun.

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