Monday, June 18, 2012


Ok, first of all, sorry I haven't been posting this last week, but I was away. While I was away though, I saw the movie Prometheus, and it was pretty cool. They did a good job making it like Alien, but still its own movie and not just Alien 5. But it did have some things that were pretty similar to the Alien series, especially the first one. There was an android who was kind of evil, and got people killed, the main character reminded me a lot of Ripley, and the weird part is that it was on a different planet, but it looked like Alien(s) could have taken place there, if not for a few details. The environment was hostile, there was a derelict spacecraft with what apparently would later become facehugger eggs on it, and small spoiler: at the end, an early xenomorph shows up. Its hesd shape and inner jaw were a little different, but not too much. I like that it finally  explains how the aliens were created and settles all the disputes over people's different theories, so that was cool. It also explained who the other aliens were that owned those ships and the crew of the Nostromo finds a dead one sitting in that telescope- looking thing. And there was an early, unevolved version of a facehugger that I've affectionately named the Quadropus, because at first, it looked a little like an octopus, but with four tentacles. The movie itself was very stressful, but actually less scary than I was expecting. But there were a few moments when you just say "Ok, he's gonna die." or "You fool! Don't do that!" And of course, everyone except two people (one of which is an artificial person, or to be less politically correct, android) dies. But there's still room between the end of Prometheus and the beginning of Alien where they could (and should) make a sequel. They could probably do a couple more actually. I don't know if they could be with the same characters, since they all either died during the movie or were probably going to die soon after, but maybe they could make a sequel about a different crew that goes back to that planet or something. So to summarize using poor grammar just for the fun of it: movie good.

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