Monday, June 4, 2012

If I Were a Transformer

If I were a transformer, I would probably side with the Autobots. They always seem to win, and I'm pretty mad at the Decepticons for causing the war that destroyed Cybertron and trying to eradicate the human race. I don't do that kind of stuff. The only problem is my alternate form. I would love to be one of those guys who has two alternate forms. I'd scan a fighter jet and a tank, so I could fly around, then switch to tank form just as I land and destroy Decepticons and stuff. the only problem with that is that Autobots tend to not be tanks and military vehicles. But I'd much rather be one or two vehicles that are equipped for combat. This is indeed a problem.  But really, I suppose any vehicle form(s) would work. I'd just be much happier with the two I said. Maybe I could just break the trend and be the awesome military Autobot. Or short of that, I'd be satisfied with an APC, since that's basically a tank with no guns, even though the guns are one of the biggest reasons I want to turn into a tank. On to other matters though, I can't decide whether or not I would be willing to be a combiner. I'm not sure I like the idea of being an arm or a leg or something instead of my own guy. Plus, having a collective mind is a little bit off putting for me. But the created giant Autobots and Decepticons are so powerful that it might be worth it. Either way, I just hope I would have a cool voice and not get stuck with a lame one like some versions of Starscream. If that happened, I think I would either try to modify my voice circuitry and change it, or just keep the dialogue to a minimum. Oh, and I almost forgot to say what kind of weapons I want. I want big guns on my arms like G1 Megatron or Michael Bay Ironhide, plus any and all weapons from my vehicle form(s). Also, I'd like some mele weapons. I'd like one of my hands to turn into either an energy sword or an energy axe, and the other to turn into a big swingy morning star thing like Megatron's. Well, now that I've covered about everything I wanted to, I leave you now.

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