Saturday, June 23, 2012


I love Predators ( these ones    ). They're just so awesome. I often group them together with Aliens, but I like Predators more. Aliens just indiscriminantly kill everyone they see, while Predators have a culture. They have pride and honor, not to mention some of the coolest weapons there are. I can't remember if I've done any posts about wanting their weapons and armor, but I do want pretty much everything they use. I would just need to get a slightly different shaped mask to fit my human head. The only problem is that I don't have dreadlocks, so it wouldn't look as cool. And FYI, I prefer the classic double wrist blades to the Predators style single wrist sword, but I would happily accept either. I also like the AVP style throwing disk with all the blades sticking out more than the Predator 2 type. For their spears, I'm pretty neutral, but I have a replica that looks more like the AVP style, so I suppose I'm a little partial to that one. The other thing I like about them is their hunting style. They don't kill defenseless prey, so I suppose they can't be that bad of people, even though it's probably more so as not to look weak. Also, the trophies that they take are cool. For example, as I write this, there are two Predator figures on my desk, one of which is wearing the jawbone of some creature on his helmet, and the other is holding a human spine and skull. And the last cool thing  about them is that they taught ancient humans to build pyramids and stuff, and kinda sorta created a bunch of advanced primitive civilizations. I wonder what would happen if they fought terminators. Assuming there are equal numbers and the terminators have energy rifles and the Predators are armed with all their battle gear. It would be a close fight, and I don't know who would win, but the Predators have wrist nukes, so whatever happens, I think the terminators would lose. Unless they hid behind a pile of dirt like Arnold, because according to the Predator 1, that can protect you. In my opinion, that's one of the movie's 1.53 weaknesses. The 0.53 of a weakness is the Predator laughing. It bothers me just over half the needed amount to call it a weakness in the movie. I still liked all three movies though.

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