Saturday, October 27, 2012

Punchey Things

I want some sort of big punchey things to use as weapons. You've probably seen those foam Hulk hands that you wear over your real hands, so think of that, but something that's actually used as a weapon. Or an even better analogy is something like weaponized boxing gloves. Ideally these would be enchanted and magically appear on my hands whenever I want. Or if little particles from the air flew onto my hands to create said punchey things. They could be made of either stone or metal, and form either giant solid fists, or fistlike shapes around my hands. The other options are either hard energy constructs like Green Lantern which I suppose would still be pretty cool, but now that I think about it, the coolest would be something demonic looking that could be summoned from another realm. Think somewhere between the armor that the Darkness creates for Jackie Estacado, Daedric stuff from Elder Scrolls, and Hellboy's stone hand. Now that would be awesome. Just curl my hands into fists, do a little wrist flick move for dramatic effect, and then have demonic punching fist things appear and cover my hands. But the real point is for them to have some sort of magical effect of multiplying the force of my punches, while absorbing all the impact that otherwise would probably break my hands. Plus, they would have to be made of something really durable but still really light, so that's why I think enchanted demonic stone/metal would be best.

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