Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I thought of a genius idea which, as you may have guessed, is called a gun-phone. To me, it seems pretty self explanatory, but that could be because I thought of it, so I'll explain it anyway. Basically, it's a gun with a smart phone embedded in the side of it, so that the phone is parallel to the barrel, and the part you talk into is closer to the handle. So you can go from shooting stuff to answering a call, to shooting more stuff to playing Doodle Jump, to shooting even more stuff to surfing the net, all with one device. Genius, right?  Or the screen could be on some sort of pivot, with the camera either next to or perpendicular to the barrel. That way you could use it to look around corners. Note: the point of this is not to have a disguised gun or a concealed phone; they're both obvious at first glance. The point is to save time by not having to switch between your gun and your phone, save pocket space by keeping them in the same place, and have one more free hand if you want to use both at once. And I just realized that there should be two cameras, one in each place I mentioned, so you can look around corners more easily, and also take pictures of people without the risk of shooting them in the face. You know this is a great idea.

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