Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Acid Blood

As long as it didn't affect me, having acid for blood would be so cool. If a mosquito bites me, I get instant revenge in the form of the mosquito being dissolved by acid from the inside out. The same applies to vampires. Especially vampires, since they're smarter than mosquitos, and more deserving of their acidy fate. But that raises an interesting question though: If my acid blood burns away their fangs while they're still inside me, will I become a vampire? I would also amuse myself by going to blood drives, to watch the people's faces when the syringe starts to dissolve in their hand the instant it touches my blood. I might even say something like "Fools! You thought you could take MY blood? Hahahahahahahaha!" Explaining myself and/or leaving normally would be a little awkward though. The other benefit is that if in a fight I get cut, the blade that cut me will be destroyed, plus I can just get a little acid blood on my hand, then flick it at my attacker. In that situation, I think I'd be even more likely to say something overly dramatic. Sure, there would be some downsides, like not being able to use band aids, but overall, acidic blood would be pretty nice.

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