Friday, July 27, 2012

Weird Powers

What's with how some powers like lasers and stuff are usually associated with specific body parts? Lasers always come out of a person's eyes or hands. Fire and ice always come from the mouth or hands. Lightning almost always comes from the hands. If I could have any of those powers, I would want them to be different. Why not fire and ice vision? Or laser breath? Even lightning from the palms would be different. It's always either from the whole hand or the fingertips. There are a few characters from different stuff that have weird powers like these, and I think it makes them more interresting characters. For example, Xemnu the Titan shoots energy blasts out of his head. They're psychic force blasts, but still. And King Ghidorah from Godzilla has lightning breath, so that's cool. Or even Adam Warlock can shoot blasts out of the Soul Gem on his head, but besides him, you never really see the more human characters doing stuff like that.

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