Friday, July 6, 2012

Amazing Spider -Man

Last night I went and saw the Amazing Spider-Man. It was actually better than I was expecting. Not that I thought it would be bad or anything, but I'm always a little skeptical of series reboots. The movie was fairly accurate to the comic books, but they tie everything to Oscorp. For example: Curt Connors, Richard Parker, Gwen Stacy, Peter's synthetic web, the radioactive spider that bit him, the list goes on. In the game they do that even more: Vermin, Alistair Smythe, the Rhino, the Scorpion, the Iguana, possibly the Vulture, once again, the list goes on. But that doesn't bug me that much. My only other complaints are that they spent a little too much time with the high school romance stuff, and also (this is a small one) he unmasks too much and too willingly. He took his mask off so a kid he was saving wouldn't be scared, which I understand but wouldn't do in his place, and he also told Gwen who he was, even though he hadn't known her for that long. Captain Stacy and the Lizard knowing who he was doesn't bother me though. What I think they did well though is that they did a good job with the personality of Parker as both Peter and as Spider-Man. Making fun of a thug for trying to threaten him with a knife is totally something the real Spider-Man would do. Notice my use of the word real. I'm referring to the one that inhabits the mainstream Marvel comic book universe, with the numerical designation 616 if I'm not mistaken. Also, before he becomes Spider-Man, he's noble even though he's weak, but he's a little bit awkward and not very confident. That seemed about right to me. And I don't mean to just suddenly change the subject, but I will anyway. After the credits, there was a mysterious scene. Not exactly as tantalizing as the ones from Iron Man 1 through Avengers, but it still made it look like they plan on making a sequel. It showed Connors in jail talking to someone (you can't see who, but I think it's Norman Osborne) who asks him if he told Parker the truth about his father. I was actually expecting there to be more about Richard and Mary Parker in this movie, but there wasn't. I can feel that a second one is on the way, but we won't get it for a long time to come. At least we can still look forward to the Dark Knight Rises. Maybe I shouldn't talk about a DC hero in a Marvel post, but we're allowed to like both, right?

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