Sunday, July 8, 2012

I Don't Trust Robots.

First of all, I need to make a couple things clear. One, when I say I don't trust robots, I'm saying I wouldn't if I knew or met them in person. Two, I like robots; most of them are awesome. I just don't trust them. There are too many robots that were either created for evil, or made for good but turned evil. Think about it. Cylons, Terminators, the Droid Army from Star Wars, every Decepticon, Ultron, the Manhunters, and so many more. Mind you, there are robots I do trust, but they have done much to earn it. For example, I trust Optimus Prime because he has proven himself to be a very honorable person. Yes, some robots (not all, but some) are people too. I trust R2 - D2 because in six movies and a TV series, he has yet to fail the Republic or the Rebel Alliance. Under the right circumstances, I might even trust Soundwave. He's extremely loyal to Megatron and never fails him. For that to happen though, I might need to be Megatron. The same goes for Tekik if I had founded Sinestro Corps ..... which I suppose is technically impossible because only Sinestro himself would name it Sinestro Corps. It would have to be called something different, but you know what I'm saying. Also, I trust some Cylons, but only some of the human models. Well, actually, I suppose if I was their leader, I would reluctantly trust the Centurions. By this time you've probably noticed that the list of robots who have earned my trust contains both good and evil ones. It's a lot harder for me to trust an evil one, but not impossible. The circumstances just have to be right. There are also a lot of good robots I don't trust. For example, C3PO. He's friendly and not one for betrayal, but he's not very capable. He can do his job well as an interpreter or something like that, but he's been blasted apart, had his head put on a Battle Droid body, etc. too many times. Or let's jump to the Transformers universe for a minute. Rodimus Prime lead the forces of good for a time, but I wouldn't trust him. He's infamous for being one of the worst leaders ever. While that may be a little harsh, he did do a bad job. He once trusted Grimlock to operate a complex machine. Grimlock. Seriously. Grimlock is my second favorite Autobot; I even have a G1 Grimlock figure on my desk right now, but even I know that he's not qualified for complicated tasks. He's extremely powerful, but not very smart. He was created for war, so fighting should be, and usually is, his only job. His lack of versatility is why I only partially trust him. You're allowed to love a TV character without fully trusting him, right? But back to Rodimus, overestimating your friends is as bad as underestimating your enemies. Now let's go to Terminator. I would eventually be able to trust Marcus from Salvation and Arnold from T2 or T3, but it would take a while. I think I would be very skeptical of their good intentions, but I would give them a chance to prove themselves. once they did, I doubt I would have any problems trusting them. At least until the future in the Arnolds' case. Both of them were evil until they were captured by the Resistance. But both of them die in our time, so I guess I wouldn't need to worry about them. But that's one of the many movies, shows and comic books that have taught me not to trust robots.

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Indeed, better safe than sorry.... 2/3 scale and a six foot cord, that's what I always say!