Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fall of Cybertron: What I'm Hoping For

With Fall of Cybertron being released relatively soon now, I thought I'd do a quick post about what I'd really like to see. Everything High Moon has said sounds great to me, like the fact that each character has a different and distinctive playstyle. A lot of what I think should be added probably won't be, but these are just what I think would make it the most epic game possible. A few of my ideas revolve around my favorite character, who if he's not playable like he was in War for Cybertron, I'm going to be very unhappy: Soundwave. Mind you, I bet I would still love the game, but as the man himself would say: "Soundwave superior. Game without soundwave inferior". In the first game though, there was really nothing distinctive about playing as him. I'm praying that they'll change that. If it were up to me, I would make his special ability to deploy either Rumble, Laserbeak, or Ravage, selected randomly. It would be impossible to kill them, but possible to put them out of action. And I heard they might make everyone able to dash now, but if they give two abilities to some characters, Soundwave's other one should be some kind of sonic blast type thing from his shoulder cannon. But I doubt they'll put deployable cassetticons in the game. However, if they don't do that, I'd also like to see playable cassetticons. If High Moon is looking to change up the gameplay with different characters, they need look no farther. Especially Rumble. He's a little tiny guy that makes earthquakes. My next idea is almost the complete opposite. I'd like to play as either Metroplex or Trypticon and fight the other. I know that they've tried to avoid nonvehicular alternate modes for playable characters, but I'm sure nobody would complain if they made an exception. Also, this idea's not as crazy, but I'd like to play as Wheeljack and Hound. There's not much reason for Wheeljack besides that I've always thought he's one of the better Autobots. But for Hound, I can think of a few interesting things they could do. They could make his radar scope usable to detect enemies and points of interest, and they could give him the ability to use his holograms to decieve the decepticons. The last thing is that I want them to bring back Shockwave, but in the main game this time. I got War not too long ago, so I didn't think it was worth it to try to get the DLC. But I love Shockwave, and would really like to play as him. Well, so much for a quick post.

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