Thursday, February 23, 2012


I want a robot servant and bodyguard, but just one, since if there were too many, there could be an uprising. I'd be cool if it had that old style computery Cylon voice, and maybe the little eye that goes back and forth. I would also need some kind of safety mechanism so that even the one robot doesn't turn on me, like something that reads its thoughts and alerts me if they include betrayal. It should have a version of the Three Laws, but more specific to me. Something like: A robot cannot harm me, or through inaction allow me to come to harm. A robot must obey every order I give it. A robot may defend itself unless such action conflicts with the first or second law. And if it didn't have the Cylon voice, another option would be to have the voice and personality of Jarvis from the Iron Man movies (not Edwin Jarvis, even though he's cool too). Or maybe it could be like Tekik of the Sinestro Corps; he's pretty awesome!
"By your command"

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