Saturday, February 25, 2012

Anti Vampire Brass Knuckles

Genius vampire killing ideas! Silver-tipped brass knuckles! Kinda like John Constantine's "holy knuckles" with the crosses on them, but with silver on the (possibly spiked) ends in order to kill vampires instead of demons. With those on, you can just beat on whatever vampire is dumb enough to try to feed on you until all that's left is a pile of ash. Unless it's one of those vampires that's immune to silver. In that case, at least you have something to use against some werewolves if they don't maul you first. But against vampires, you can also use my other idea: UV knuckles! Instead of the tips being made of silver, they're transparent and have high powered UV bulbs inside them. And as I write/type this, I just got a third genius idea: combine the two. Have something like my second idea, but the flat transparent part in front of the UV bulbs could have some silver over it, but not enough to block the light. And at least one or two types of vampires are vulnerable to religious stuff, so maybe the silver shape could be a cross. Then you could use them to take out vampires, werewolves and demons. And I suppose if you punch a zombie hard enough in the head, you would probably have one less walker to worry about. I think this is one of my best special weapon ideas yet.....YESSSS!!


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