Monday, February 13, 2012

Me Happy

At Last! Walking Dead started up again! I really want Shane to die soon; he's just out of control. And I'm curious about how long the main group stays on the farm. I mean, they have to leave eventually, but the question is when, and also if it will be willingly or if they'll get kicked out. Oh and now that they're done looking for the little girl, what's gonna be the big thing that's going on? I think it would be cool if they meet another big group, but one of the bad ones like the hunters or the Governor and his crew. A couple of them did meet a couple strangers that didn't seem too nice and mentioned that they had been forced to do some bad things. So even though those 2 guys are dead, I feel like their group might be significant in the story. But in the comic books, the main characters were already at their prison by the time that happened, so is that just gonna be a difference between the 2, or are they about to find it? And of course, this is all speculation, so I might be totally wrong. And one more thing: I feel like they have to find whatshisname from the 2nd episode of the 1st season eventually, so when is that gonna happen?

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