Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Zombie Apocalypse

I've posted about zombies before, but not about the actual event. I think that obviously it would be very bad, but there would be good parts. Like they say in Walking Dead, a world ruled by the dead would force us to truly start living. Looking for supplies would be a pain, but if my group and I could find a secure place to live, I think it wouldn't be too terrible. Speaking of my group, I have some ideas for who I want to meet up with. I'm not one of those people who chooses group members from lots of unrelated franchises, but I think it's reasonable to go from zombie related things. Dont even get me stryed on who i want in my group if i can choose from anyone. For real though. Don't. You'll be here all day. Anyway, my ideal group includes Leon and Chris from Resident Evil, Frank West and/ or Chuck Greene from Dead Rising, Coach from Left 4 Dead, and Darryl Dixon from Walking Dead. Chris and Leon are just generally tough, Coach is the token black character, Frank and Chuck can use pretty much anything as a weapon, and Darryl is Darryl. 'Nuff said. Plus all of them know not to waste time trying to help zombies or cure them or whatever those clueless hippies always seem to think. I'm inclined to thin I've played enough video games and seen enough movies to know how to survive the apocalypse, which I think luckily would probably be like Walking Dead. No mutant zombies or giant monsters. I wish it would be like Dead Rising, which is pretty much the same except zanies can be killed using whatever is around. (If you can't tell, I like that game). After playing a lot of DR, I think I have a pretty good idea of what common items can be used as surprisingly useful weapons. But I think I would carry a crowbar too, since it's a pretty versatile tool and wielding one in battle would make me one step closer to being Gordon Freeman. Hopefully me and my group would have a few cars (and motorcycles if Darryl and Chuck are present) to transport people and supplies, then find either a prison or something. An island with no zombies would be nice but unlikely. Especially since there's a movie (I don't remember which) that ends with the survivors being ambushed on an island they thought was clean and all being killed, plus the whole Dead Island thing is something I'd rather avoid.

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