Monday, April 8, 2013

Giant Swords

Many fictional characters use oversized swords, about which I have mixed feelings. Sometimes I think a huge sword looks cool, others it gets a little ridiculous. I'll try to find some pictures as I go to illustrate what I'm saying. Mainly it comes down to who's using the sword. Enormous swords aren't feasible for normal people to use, so there are only some excuses a character can have for using one. For example, Cloud and Sephiroth from Final Fantasy would be normal people if not for artificial genetic enhancements. That just doesn't quite... Cut it for me. Plus I guess I'm biassed since I've never been much of a Final Fantasy fan. And besides looking using weird looking swords, everyone in those games kinda looks like their oversized weapons are compensating for something. Sorry if you're a Final Fantasy fan, but you have to admit that there are manlier looking characters out there. Which brings us to someone else who uses a gigantic sword: War from Darksiders. War uses a large sword, but there's no questioning his masculinity. Especially since he is a horseman of the apocalypse and the living embodiment if war. War being war is also why he can use carry his massive Chaos Eater blade without me questioning it. He's freakin' War, so if he wants to use a huge sword, he gets to use a huge sword! Same with his brother, Death, in the sequel. He can use a variety of really big hammers, axes, etc. but it's ok because he's Death! All horsemen of the apocalypse, gods, demons, and even some half demons can use whatever weapons they want! I mentioned half demons in an attempt to smoothly transition to someone else who can get away with using a pretty big sword: Dante from Devil May Cry (did it work?). Some people like the old games, some like the reboot, some like both, and some aren't fans of any DMC games, but Dante is a pretty cool dude no matter how you... Slice it... Anyone? No...? Okay... So anyway, Dante is the son of a demon, so he can do what he wants. Also his sword isn't quite as big as some others, so it's reasonably sized for a half demon.

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