Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stolen Ideas

Sometimes, I think of an idea, and it's a great idea, often a genius idea, and I don't tell anyone about it, but someone still manages to steal it from me. And when I say my ideas are stolen, I mean that either someone else thought of it and made it before I could, or I just found out that my idea already exists. One example of this is that I thought it would be cool to have a Cylon toaster. Then I found out that my idea had been "stolen" and released as an exclusive at the San Diego Comic Con. That was my idea! Another of my ideas that was stolen is for some sort of thing that can be thrown and shoots a 360 degree wave of bullets. I actually didn't think it was one of my best ideas, since you can only use it if you're behind cover, or else you'll die, but then I saw it in some movie. I can't remember which; I think it was one of the Resident Evils or something like that. It makes me mad, since those were my ideas, but I also feel smart, since those were my ideas. Those are the only two examples I can think of, so here are a couple more ideas that are bound to be stolen, so I might as well post them to show that I thought of them first.
  • Drill bit bullets. Bullets already spin, so why not make some like little drills that drill into stuff?
  • Drill bit rockets. Similar to drill bit bullets, but a lot bigger. Also, I don't think missiles spin, so they would need to work on that.
  • SDCC exclusive Battlestar Galactica / Transformers crossover figures. Complete with a Soundwave Centurion that turns into a toaster, Starscream with a Raider as his alt. mode, Jetfire as a Viper, etc.
  • The Grenazer. Sort of like that bullet thing, but it shoots out tazer darts.
  • Smoke Sword. Purely for dramatic effect, have a few small holes in the blade, connected to a narrow shaft (also inside the blade), leading down to the hollow handle, where dry ice is stored, thus creating a mysterious smoke effect.
  • Green Lantern Power Battery wall lamps. I think that one is self explanatory.
Well, I think that's enough creative genius for now. I don't know why the crossover figures have to be an SDCC exclusive, besides the fact that it seems like the kind of thing they would have, plus being an exclusive makes anything cooler. So anyway, I'm going to say right now that at least one of those ideas will be stolen. Either one of my two collectible ideas will be made, or a weapon idea will be in a movie or something. I'm not saying it will be soon, and I'm not saying it will be deliberate theft of my creativity; I'm just saying that eventually, one or more of these ideas will see the light of day. I could be wrong, but that's what I'm saying. Or if you want to use one of these ideas for something, go ahead, but just give credit where it's due.

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