Saturday, September 1, 2012

I Want My Own Realm

Like the title says, one of the things I want most is to be the lord of an alternate dimension. Preferably all of it, but I would be more than happy with just that dimension's earth. That earth should be almost identical to this one, but with a few differences. For example, I would be the emperor of all of it, and as emperor, I would have a mile wide spike field built for reasons I'll reveal later. I would have Dr. Doom's castle built (the time machine isn't necessary, but if they figure out how to make one I'll take it), and underneath it something that's basically the Batcave, but also with Iron Man suit(s) and one of those exosuits that the Autobots made in G1 that allows the wearer to be a human Transformer. Although, I don't want to be strictly Batman or Iron Man, and I DEFINITELY don't want to be Spike, so I guess I'd have to put some of my own modifications on their gear so as to be more individual. Also, I'd like to have the ability to make portals that go between this world and that one that I can open anywhere in this world and anywhere in my own world. By the way, that's why I want a spike field. For that same reason, I'd also like there to be an area full of fire, lava and intimidating rock formations so I could send people there and tell them it's Hell. But making those portals would probably be one of the best powers to have. If I needed anything, I could just create a portal under one that leads to a portal either in my hand or next to me, depending on the size of the object. Plus, it could be used to travel anywhere in the world almost instantly by either going there on whatever earth I'm not currently on, or by doing that, then switching back so as not to have to change universes whenever I travel.

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