Monday, August 27, 2012

Ant-Man Movie

Apparently, Marvel plans on giving Ant-Man a movie. That's not a total shock to me since I think it would've been nice if his movie had come before the  Avengers so then he could be a founding member like he should be. But I also thought they might not introduce him into the Marvel movie universe since some people might not think he's very cool. They would be wrong of course, but some people would think that. I actually thought they would skip Ant-Man, Giant-Man, etc. and go right to Yellowjacket. But that's assuming they use Hank Pym, who, from what I hear won't be the main character. He'll be in it, but mostly for the purpose of passing down the mantle to Scott Lang. Personally, I have nothing against Scott Lang; he can be pretty cool. But for me, the real Ant-Man will always be Hank Pym. From what I've heard, they've decided against Hank being the protagonist because of a couple chapters in his history that would prevent it from being as family friendly as they want. I guess beating the Wasp and being indirectly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people because of the robot he created is a little dark. Plus, they probably thought it would be harder to support a man who once beat his wife. Understandable, but they didn't have to put that in the movie. And I don't think that makes him a bad person. He was insane at the time, and should be considered a good person who, while insane, did one really bad thing. Moving on, I think Ultron would've be a great villain for the movie if they were willing to make it a little darker and  about the original Ant-Man. But they're not. Mind you, I like Scott Lang, but I just think Pym could use a movie. At least if they put Lang in Avengers 2, which they'd better do, he's not a founding Avenger, so Lang joining later stays consistent with the comic books. And who knows, maybe they'll put Ultron in there too. Even if the Ant-Man movie won't be the way I would make it, I'm still excited since I think both Ant-Men are underrated and awesome.

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