Monday, May 6, 2013

Injustice DLC

So there are of course going to be some Injustice DLC characters, two of which are already confirmed, and one already has a gameplay trailer: Lobo.

I was hoping for him, and his trailer looks awesome, but as for the other possible characters, I'm not quite as satisfied. It's been revealed that the second DLC character is Batgirl. Why you ask? I don't know I answer. She is literally a female and watered down Batman. I can't think of anything she could bring to the table that Batman hasn't already. Allegedly, other characters may include General Zod and Scorpion. I love both of those characters, but neither if them should be DLC. Scorpion should stay in Mortal Kombat and Zod is Kryptonian, giving him the exact same powers as Super Man, so that would be yet another duplicate character. Speaking of duplicates, according to Ed Boon's Twitter, there's a chance we'll see Professor Zoom, but I'm hoping they'll choose Martian Manhunter over him. To be honest though, there are other characters I'd like to see even more. The ones I want are Metallo, either Plastic Man or Elongated Man, Ra's Al Ghul, Swamp Thing, Steel, and one of what i call the superhe-bros (Booster Gold and Blue Beetle). I thought of that pun on the spot by the way. You should be proud of me. I am. Anyway, as far as the characters that are apparently going to be released, I'll quote a movie I like: I'D BUY THAT FOR A DOLLAR! But seriously. I'd gladly buy it for a dollar, but not a lot more. Especially since they already have a lot of Batman characters, and as much as I like General Zod, I have a feeling they're just trying to make him more popular before Man of Steel (which looks pretty awesome) comes out. It's not that I have anything against these characters; I just think any of the other ones I mentioned would have been much more interesting. Ra's Al Ghul is a master swordsman, Plastic Man and Elongated Man could have some cool stretching/shapeshifting moves, Steel has his hammer, Metallo is a freakin' robot, Swamp Thing has swamp stuff, and either of the two superhe-bros would be cool, especially with the Blue Beetle's gadgets and stuff. Well that's my opinion, and until I think of something else to post about, farewell!

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