Saturday, December 7, 2013

Amazing Spider-Man 2

So a couple days ago, we got the first trailer for the sequel to Amazing Spider-Man, and like many other people, I have mixed feelings about it. If you haven't seen it yet, here it is:
Alright, now that everyone is caught up, let's get into it. So in this trailer, we see Electro, the Rhino, and the Green Goblin. Personally, I'm usually against introducing a major villain in a movie along with at least two other villains, but I think in this case they have a somewhat reasonable excuse. While the Green Goblin has enough of a story to be in his own movie, I would assume the thought is that they don't want to make a movie too similar to the first Spider-Man movie. Because of this, I hope he doesn't suit up until at least halfway through the movie,  spending the first part of the movie as an evil mastermind, but not a costumed villain. As for the costume itself, it looked pretty high tech, so judging from that and the fact that Norman looked pretty sick in the one shot where we see his face, I'm gonna assume that his suit contains some sort of life support not unlike Darth Vader. His glider could be part of that too as some sort of mobility device, but maybe not. We also see Harry Osborn in this trailer, but his hairstyle black clothes remind me a little of the infamous Spider-Man 3 dance scene, so I'm slightly biased against him. I'll give him a chance though. Let's talk about the rest of the villains though.
Electro was the first villain announced and the one we see most of in this trailer, so I assume he'll be one of the more important villains. They've gone with a more Ultimate Comics look, which is a good thing, since as much as I love this: really wouldn't translate very well to the big screen. It seemed a little cheesy at first when he talked about showing everyone what it's like to live without power, but he saved it by adding mercy to the list of things people would be living without. We also saw a little bit of the Rhino, who looks very different from his original look, but maybe a little less different than you think. For a time in the comicbooks, he was upgraded to Mecha-Rhino and looked kind of like he does in this trailer. On his armor we can see a red star painted on, making him look kind of Soviet, especially since in the comicbooks he was born in Russia. Could this mean that we'll get a villain who's not connected to Oscorp, or is that too much to hope for? I guess we'll see. I don't want to get my hopes up, since Oscorp seems to be quite the villain factory. Speaking of which, you may have noticed earlier that I said there would be the Green Goblin and at least two other villains. In one scene of the trailer, there is a mysterious man with a hat walking through a corridor. Firstly, I'm pretty sure that's Norman Osborn due to the fact that when the Green Goblin was first introduced in the comicbooks, his identity was always concealed by a coat and hat when he wasn't in costume. Secondly, there's something very interesting in the background. Two things to be specific. Behind some glass, we see what look like Doctor Octopus' tentacles and harness, and to the left of those we see a similar looking harness but with wings attached to it instead of tentacles. Whether this is just fan service, setup for the next movie, or a hint that they'll be in this one, we can be fairly sure that Doctor Octopus and the Vulture are both products of Oscorp in this universe. I realize that Oscorp is much bigger and more important in the Ultimate universe than the mainstream Marvel universe, but I still don't like that they're involved with basically everything (except possibly the Rhino I hesitantly hope), including Richard and Mary Parker. I suppose connecting everything is the only way to put at least three villains and the Richard and Mary Parker plotline in the same movie without having way too much going on, but still. I hope they use the Green Goblin to end the Oscorp story and then find another convenient plot device to connect all their plot elements. I also wish that they would wait to deal with the Rhino and Peter's parents until another movie. Since that's not going to happen though, the best I dare to hope for is for this movie to only use the three villains we've seen, then set up the Vulture and Doctor Octopus for the next one. If the third Amazing Spider-Man brings back these three and introduces two more villains, they'll only need one more to make a somewhat reimagined Sinister Six. Since they love making Oscorp responsible for everything, it would be fairly easy to bring in either Kraven the Hunter or Mysterio. Kraven could be an Oscorp mercenary outfitted with advanced technology and tasked with hunting down Spider-Man and happen to be a passionate hunter, and Mysterio could be an inventor who works for Oscorp, then takes his inventions and goes rogue. These aren't the best movie backstories I can think of, but they're the best ones that involve Oscorp, and they seem to have a monopoly on everything in these movies. That is, unless our boy the Rhino comes through for us. Now that I think about it though, I'd really like to see Kraven as an assassin who thinks of his contracts as hunting trips. I can't think of a better story for Mysterio, but that's what the movie writers get paid for, so they could probably think of something good.............. Ok who are we kidding? They'd just use Oscorp. Well actually now that I think about it, the Untimate Universe's version of the Sinister Six was actually five villains since they tried to recruit Spider-Man as the sixth member, so that's quite possible for the movie. Anyway, as you can tell I'm a little skeptical of this movie, but I remain hopeful. I just talk more about what I'm doubtful of since it would be boring to read a post that just lists things that look cool. So to sum it up, I think Amazing Spider-Man 2 can be really good if they do it right, but if not it's going to have too many plotlines with underdeveloped villains. Either way, we'll probably get a cool video game out of this movie, which is one of those sentences I never expect myself to say. I only have hope since the first Amazing Spider-Man game was pretty good. So I guess that's that.

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