Tuesday, July 9, 2013

the Deadpool Game

Comicbooks and videogames are both great forms of entertainment, so when one of my favorite comicbook characters finally got his own game, there was no way I wasn't buying that. In my experience, games based on comicbooks are often good, while games based on movies based on comicbooks are almost never good. In fact, the reason the X-Men Origins: Wolverine game was actually good  is that it started development as a game based on the comicbooks, then they just threw the movie into the mixture with it. There are exceptions to this rule, but Deadpool isn't one of them. His game is really well done, which is hard to do with Deadpool and his weird, twisted humor. High Moon Studios may be a familiar name to you if you played War For Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron, which were the two best Transformers games ever (by the way, games based on cartoons based on action figures are good, but games based on movies based on cartoons based on action figures tend to not be as good). High Moon has shown us that they know how to make a good licensed game. In Transformers, they stayed true to the lore and got all the characters' personalities dead on. One would say the same for Deadpool. His personality is exactly how it should be, and the game's humor is actually funny and not overdone. I especially applaud them for that, since especially fourth wall breaking humor is really easy to overdo. This is the first game I've played that's made me actually laugh out loud. Especially in the scenes where Deadpool is talking to Cable, and if you don't know who the f Cable is, the game has seen to that. Here, I'll find their short little description of him. Ah, here it is:
Yeah, that's basically the tone of the whole game. There's even a scene where Cable is giving Deadpool a warning from the future, but Deadpool is bored and thinking about tacos, so he starts imagining Cable as a taco.
Yeah. You have a conversation with a floating cybernetic taco from the future. I don't even know what else I can say about that. Can you think of another game that has that? Besides having a good sense of humor, the gameplay is actually fun, which is the most important factor to me. It's satisfying to shoot, slice, and smash your way through hordes of enemies with a variety of cool weapons. Also, High Moon has brought back their cutscene-gameplay hybrid sequences like the ones in Transformers. In Transformers, there's a cutscene where Metroplex, the city sized Autobot, is about to start punching Megatron, and right before he does, they give you control over him. You just repeatedly press a button to punch Megatron with a gigantic fist. Deadpool is a little smaller scale, but funnier. I mean, look at this!
This game is really good, but I do have one major complaint about it. It's too short. There's just not a lot of game content. The story is pretty short, and this style of game doesn't really lend itself to multiplayer. If this was a bad game, being short wouldn't come into the equation very much, but since it's a good game, it does. It's really fun to play, but in my opinion, there's just not enough game. I bought a used copy for a lower price, so I suggest you do the same, since I don't like paying full price for a game unless that game is going to entertain me for a long time. I do suggest you pick up this game though, even if you're not a huge Marvel fan, but if you are, you'll enjoy it even more, since there are lots of subtle little jokes they make. Either way, I like this game, so give it a try!

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