Sunday, July 7, 2013

How Aliens Would See Us

Have you ever thought about how weird we would seem to aliens if they landed here? We have all these weird things and body parts that we thoughtlessly accept because everyone has them, and in some cases even integrate into our fashion. For example, hair. Hair is quite strange if you take the time to think about it. We have strands of dead tissue that hang off of our skin, and we just style it and consider it normal. If we encountered an extraterrestrial race that didn't have any kind of hair, they would think hair is pretty weird, and maybe kinda gross too, which I can totally understand. That makes sense. The only reason we don't see it that way is because everyone has it (except for a few people with some kind of medical condition or genetic thing or something that causes you not to have hair, whatever that may be). But even if someone doesn't have any hair for some odd reason, you know what that person probably does have unless he or she has had a violent and unfortunate experience, possibly but not necessarily involving a tribe of savages? A tongue. Tongues are weird too. They're like tentacles in our mouths. That's cool, right? I think it's cool. Plus it makes aliens like these guys seem slightly less weird.
  See? Toad from X-Men also makes more sense when you think of a tongue as a small tentacle. You have a tentacle, so rejoice! You're welcome. As I write this, I'm trying to think of more things like that that aliens would find odd, and I just realized something. Fingers are just small arms, and toes are tiny legs.
I know, right? Mind blowing. Aliens with different limbs from ours, or even no limbs, would think that's pretty weird. We have these kinda-but-not-that-flexible limbs that split into smaller, slightly more flexible versions of themselves at the ends. Since I think there have to be some intelligent beings somewhere in the universe other than here, I wonder if any of them have invented science fiction, and if so, I ask: Have any of them unknowingly written about us? Or even just creatures similar to us? I think that'd be cool.

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