Saturday, January 12, 2013


I like it when characters, especially comic book characters, start off not being cool, but then are made cool. A great example of this is Aquaman. He gets made fun of all the time for being useless because of his only powers being to talk fo fish and breathe under water, but that's not even true. He can telepathically control sea life, he's super strong, and he kills stuff with his big trident. But despite all of that, he really wasn't that cool early on. But some of his newer comicbooks have gotten kind of intense and well, good. Intense isn't the first word a lot of people think of when they hear Aquaman, but some of his stuff is now, largely because of Geoff Johns, who I consider one of the best writers in the buisiness nowadays, especially considering what a great job he did with the Green Lantern stories leading up to Blackest Night, Blackest Night itself, and Brightest Day afterward. For example, in Brightest Day, Black Manta just suddenly slices Aquaman's hand off. But the best part is that Aquaman uses electricity to cauterize the wound so he won't bleed out, then keeps fighting like he doesn't even care. Or in the same series, he gets attacked by either a zombie shark or a zombie killer whale, so he reaches into its mouth and rips it in half! That move is usually resered for only the toughest coolest guys, so you can tell that DC is really making an effort to make him cool and popular. I still prefer Namor, but it's because I think Namor is cooler, and definitely not because of Aquaman not being cool. This is one of those things that makes me wish I had a time machine so I could go back and wow people. Showing them a modern cell phone would be cool, but then I would use it to show those people that Aquaman becomes cool in the future.

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