Sunday, December 2, 2012


Today, I'm doing something I don't often do. I'm writing a post about something sci-fi I don't want. That's right. I don't really want a levitating skateboard. Assuming that antigravity technology becomes a reality, the physics of it just wouldn't work. I don't see any problems with a hoverchair or antigravity elevators, but I just don't think the idea of a hoverboard makes sense. It could probably work if they moved really slowly, but then what's the point? There isn't one. And if it goes fast, I feel like it would just fly out from under the person. Maybe if as a species we become extremely bottom heavy, with the majority of out body weight being stored near the feet, it could work, but that's not going to happen. Now some of you are probably thinking that it would work if you just put foot straps on it, but I'm sad to tell you that it wouldn't. The same effect of flying out from under your feet would happen, but instead of just falling off the same way you fall off anything else, there's a good chance you would get flipped upside down. But let's ignore all that for a second and assume it's scientifically feasible. It would still be incredibly hard to balance. On a skateboard, there's a bit of balancing required, but not much since the way the wheels are attached to it prevent it from tilting more than a few degrees. A hoverboard is just a levitating platform, so when it tilts, there's nothing stopping it from going all the way over. And because of this, how would you steer it? With that said, I'm not trying to burst anyone's bubble. I think in the future, antigravity technology could be entirely possible. We just haven't figured it out yet. But once we do, I don't think we'll be applying it to skateboards. Cars and motorcycles are what will probably evolve using this technology. However, since transportation will no longer be limited to wheels, I don't think levitation harnesses, or even jetpacks are out of the question.

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