Sunday, December 11, 2011

Revised Batman Villains

I've already published a top 10 list of my favorite Batman villains, but I've somewhat changed my mind on them, so here's my new top 10:

1 and 2: Two-Face and Joker (I don't know which is which)
3: Bane
4: Clayface
5: Scarecrow
6: Mister Freeze
7: Riddler
8: Ras Al Ghul
9: Killer Croc
10: Deadshot 
  • just thought I'd add, 4 - 8 were very close                                                                             

1 comment:

Brandon M! Powers said...

I think Ra's al Ghul should be higher up on the list... He's one scary dude. He's also the only one of Batman's villains that knows his true identity.