Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Namor vs Aquaman

I have concluded that Namor is cooler than Aquaman because:
  • Namor seems less human and therefore more believable as the king of Atlantis
  • There has never been a Namorlad, and thank the 9 Divines (yes I believe in Talos, and yes I know that's the wrong franchise) for that :)
  • Having a left hand made of water while underwater seems a little awkward
  • Namor's new costume is way cooler than Aquaman's costume
  • They pretty much have the same powers, but Aquaman can't fly

"Aquaman sucks."

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Brandon M! Powers said...

Namor is a lot cooler than Arthur, and DEFINITELY has a leg up on him with flying. But, dude, the new AQUAMAN series being written by Geoff Johns is pretty awesome... A lot of DC's "THE NEW 52" stuff rocks.