Friday, November 11, 2011

IT'S OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They now have acted; It's finally here. Bethesda told of the Elder Scrolls's return. The Fallout games were merely a delay. That in the time after Oblivion was released, the sons of Skyrim would get their own game. Few wanted to believe; to believe a new Elder Scrolls game could even exist, but when the gameplay trailer was released, the truth dawned in fire! There is one that other games fear - one that will steal many of their would-be customers. It is known as The Elder Scrolls V........Skyrim!

Fus Ro Dah!!!!!!!!

Dovahkiin, Dovahkiin, nahl ok zin los vahrin, wah dein, vokul, mafaeraak ahst vaal, ahrk fin norok paal graar, fud nost hon zindro zan, Dovahkiin, Fah hin, kogaan mu draal!

PS: I applaud you if you understand that last bit.

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