Sunday, October 2, 2011


If I could gain the ability to teleport, I would be very picky about what style I wanted. I don't want the style from Star Trek (except maybe the one in the Voyager episode where the aliens have the super fast transporter and use it to take over the bridge) because most of the transporters are too slow for my taste. The style where the guy disappears into the ground and then comes back up somewhere else is cool, but does it work in midair? I don't know, so I wouldn't pick that one. Cloak's is pretty cool, and I might pick it because I also think the big black cloak suits me. But I would most likely go for something like Deadpool's in the Wolverine movie (even though I've been mad at that abominable version of Deadpool since I first saw the movie), Nightcrawler in X2, or Azazel in the X-Men First Class movie.

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L. Malfoy said...

What about Harry Potter-style aparition? That's pretty fast and has the added benefit of having the cool black smoke effect... Isn't it crazy that Star Trek transporters seem slow?!?! Who would've thunk it?!