Monday, October 31, 2011

Random Questions

How, if at all, does the Rhino from Spider-Man use the bathroom? What happens if a vampire tries to feed on a zombie? Does Darth Vader have a toilet in that little room where he doesn't have to wear his life support suit, or does he have his own special bathroom with the same environmental controls? Why doesn't Star Trek ever (seriously, EVER) show a bathroom on a starship? Does the Joker have green arm, leg and armpit hair? What does Prof. Slughorn's hourglass do if the some people in the room find the conversation very interesting, but others don't? This is a weird one, but does Mister Freeze's pee have a lower freezing point, and if not, how does he pee? Does Superman sweat, and if so, how does he get the Kryptonian sweat molecules out of his uniform? Do zombies poop?
By the way, these are all things that I honestly want to know, so if anyone has an answer, please tell me in a comment : )

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